Greetings, digital wanderers!

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Yannis, your go-to guide in the labyrinthine world of digital and affiliate marketing. Educated to the hilt, I proudly hold a Marketing degree and an MBA to boot, academic achievements that laid the groundwork for my current ventures. But let’s not dwell solely on parchment and ink.

My Business Journey

Experience-wise, I’ve zigzagged through the corridors of several multinational companies. This odyssey allowed me to acquire a kaleidoscope of skills, some conventional, others obscure.

Each role became a stepping stone, sharpening my marketing prowess and widening my perspective.

Why Digital Marketing

Flashback to 2015—a pivotal year. It was then that I took a monumental leap, piecing together my first e-commerce operation. Not merely an exercise in selling goods, it became an invaluable workshop for experimenting with consumer behavior and digital strategy.

Zoom back to the present, and you’ll find me passionately assisting companies in jazzing up their online marketing playbooks. Artificial intelligence isn’t just a buzzword in my realm; these tools serve as my everyday allies. Their applications span multiple projects, from mundane tasks to groundbreaking initiatives.

Software tools tantalize me endlessly. Routinely, I’m engaged in tinkering with, testing and reviewing a wide range of applications. These digital gems contribute substantially to fine-tuning my marketing methodologies. And get this: I’m not one to hoard secrets.

Why I created This Website

The raison d’être of this blog escapes not a single soul. It aims to chronicle a rich tapestry of experiences, triumphs, hiccups and insights accrued on my digital marketing journey. You’re invited not merely to observe but to partake, to share in the ebbs and flows of this fascinating ride.

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From start-ups to corporate giants I’ve flexed my digital marketing muscles to elevate brands and boost bottom lines. My portfolio boasts an eclectic mix of projects, each a unique testament to my commitment and expertise in the field. Together, we didn’t just chased trends; we set them.

Below, you’ll spot an array of organizations that have trusted me to bring their digital visions to life. Each emblem represents a chapter in my ongoing narrative—a saga of innovation, partnership and unwavering commitment to digital marketing excellence.